About us

Joint stock “Egilora” works in:  food, souvenir, bijouterie, perfume, flower, household and building goods, midget domestic appliance, fishing and holiday implement trade;

  • Catering: cafes and kebabs.
  • Facilities: accommodation, taxi service, rent.
  • Accommodation: chalet rent in Sventoji
  • Entertainment: battery powered car rent, shooting range.

“Egilora” is one of the largest companies in Sventoji resort with a wide range of activities. It was registered on January 5, 2005. Rgidijus Budginas is a founder and a stockholder of the company.

The company started from a small amount of stalls in Sventoji with several employees and has grown to 40 trading and facility places with 150 employees during the summer season.

The slogan of the company is CREATION, STRIVIN, REALIZATION. The aim is to do the best to satisfy a client, to create permanent relations with partners and strengthen loyalty of employees.

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Egidijus Budginas
Tel.: +370 (675) 27272
El. paštas: info@sventojojenameliai.lt

Bank account:
„Swedbank“ AB
Account: LT217300010143053047

30 Kopu st. Sventoji (Palanga)

99 Zibu st. Sventoji (Palanga)
99 Zibu st. Sventoji (Palanga)